Do you love cooking
for family and friends?
Make money and new
friends doing it.

Host or deliver a traditional dining experience

Traditional food

Which traditional dishes are you an expert in making? Let Guests find you and reserve a seat at your dining room to enjoy the experience. Or have the food delivered.

Dining Experience

Share your passion for traditional cooking with new friends around your dining table. Make money, and new friends happy.

Discuss Culture

Show how true cultural dining experience works. Tradishes gives you the chance to share your passion and make money doing it. Have Guests join you, or have your food delivered.

Traditional food

Relive your traditional food. Cook as a host and let people to engage with your tradition and culture. Let your guests experience the memories except not just eating.

Dining Experience

Share your dining with the new friends in the town. Cook something cultural or traditional and invite others as guest on yours dine. Make new friends and earn money out of it.

Discuss Culture

Are you up to discuss the taste of your cultural food with others on yours dine? So cook something traditional and make your dining energetic.

Do You Love Cooking At Home?

Sell Fresh, Traditional Food to Nearby Customers for Pick up.

How It Works

Want to deliver food
and increase your sales?

Deliver your food to the people
who cant make it to your dining.

Want to host your
guests outdoor?

Host your special guests outdoor with the ambience of your dining.

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Tradishes network

Choose the righteous platform to captivate others by the passion of cooking. Host as cooking cultural food with Tradishes. Tradishes will help you out in growing your business.

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